About Us

Pathways is a private, non-profit agency that provides services for adults who suffer from severe and prolonged mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. Programs include safe, affordable housing with varying levels of support, case management, and rehabilitation services.

Our staff consists of a dedicated group of professionals and paraprofessionals, providing individualized care and attention, enabling each client to focus on personal strengths while learning and refining community living skills. Service plans are flexible and reflect a client’s goals, ability, and current level of functioning. Short term, transitional, and long-term support are available, depending on need.

Clients receive psychiatric care at local mental health clinics. Pathways’ staff works closely with psychiatrists and other members of the clinical team to ensure clients follow through with all treatment recommendations. Medication monitoring, psychoeducation, and crisis intervention are provided by Pathways to support clients’ efforts to manage their mental illness and live safely and productively in their home community.

Funding for Pathways is provided by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, the CT Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the United Way of Greenwich, and corporate and private donors. An active Board of Directors, comprised of community volunteers and relatives of mentally ill adults, establishes and maintains high standards for the quality of care and service provided.

Recognizing Excellence

Don Marchand – 25 year Pathways board member who has offered us exemplary legal advice.

Peter Zimmermann – 20 year Pathways staff member who has consulted and cared for many clients in his kind way.

  • Founder

    • Renee Bigler
  • Officers

    • James Weil, President
    • Michael Grant, Vice President
    • Richard Kremheller, Treasurer
    • Kathy Barba, Secretary
  • Members

    • Tom Athan
    • Leo Arnaboldi, III
    • George Brown
    • Donna Castronovo, Esq
    • Alison Farn-Leigh
    • Don Marchand, Esq.
    • Tyler McCarthy
    • Beverly Orthwein
    • Stuart Sheppard
    • Susan Sternberg
    • Margie Warwick
    • Jenn Warwick
  • Advisory Board

    • Linda Applegarth
    • Robert Arnold
    • Jeremy Barowsky, MD
    • Kylie Burchell
    • Jen Danzi
    • Kathy DiGiovanna
    • Linda Lewis

The Pathways Mission

Pathways, Inc. provides housing, education, health services and other support for adults with severe and prolonged mental illness to further recovery, growth and more meaningful lives.

The Pathways Vision

Pathways envisions a place within all communities where those with severe and prolonged mental illness can find a safe and stable haven, which addresses their vulnerabilities with care and compassion and their strengths with value and celebration. Every human needs connection, purpose and a stable community to which they belong and in which they can grow to full potential.

The Pathways Value Statements

  1. Pathways serves and supports adults in their efforts to overcome the challenges of living with mental illness.
  2. Pathways welcomes, accepts and values the contributions of the people it serves, treating them with dignity and respect.
  3. Pathways provides a safe environment for the people it serves so that they can challenge themselves and exceed their own expectations.
  4. Pathways effectively serves its constituents through staff commitment and expertise.
  5. Pathways works to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness, and it promotes the acceptance and integration of people with mental illness into the broader community.
  6. Pathways partners with other organizations to meet the needs of the people it serves.


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