Community Resources

Help is Here

Are you or someone you know suffering from a serious mental illness? Do you need support and information? Many services exist in our community as identified here.

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For Urgent Care, the F.S. Dubois Center has a Mobile Crisis unit available 24/7 with personnel trained to provide caring and appropriate support of individuals in crisis. The Mobile Crisis unit can come to where needed.

Greenwich Hospital, Stamford Hospital and Norwalk Hospital are also equipped to respond to individuals in crisis.

For non-emergency guidance and medical services, your primary physician can offer an initial assessment and referral to a local psychologist or behavioural health program in our community.

One in five adults in America will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lifetime and it strikes indiscriminately. Early diagnosis and treatment offer the best outcome. Reach out. There are many waiting to help.

Rejecting the Stigma of Mental Illness