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Mental Health Media

Serious childhood mental illness afflicts one in five children (as with adults). The lack of readily accessible information for parents leaves...

Support Groups

We are not your ‘every day’ support group. Our co-faciitators are a father-daughter team who share their experiences in the mental...

The Success Club at Pathways

The Fellowship Club, Pathways’ Day Program, connects our clients with the world around them through a variety of programs designed to build...

Case Management and Outreach

Provides a variety of services to mentally ill adults who live independently or with family in the Greenwich/Stamford area.

Our Mission

At Kindly Care we believe dignity and respect are two of the most valuable commodities in the world. There is no higher praise for us than the smile of a happy patient, the thanks of a relieved client, or the revitalized embrace of an engaged resident.

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Our Brilliant Team

We've been there. We understand.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.


I am inspired every day that I come to work – what a joy! Each day, I am in the company of people who have endured years – if not decades – of life’s obstacles, and yet persevere. I watch compassionate, professional staff dedicated to our community. And volunteers and Board of Trustees committed to our mission. As an organization, we are moved to honor the people we serve by providing purpose, home, health and community. All around us, we see stigmas breaking, illness becoming wellness, and no shortage of people coming together to help one another.

Laura Heckman
Laura HeckmanExecutive Director

I have been exposed to chronic mental illness most of my life and when my wife’s sister who is also chronically ill joined Pathways I experienced first hand the remarkable job the organization does for loved ones in providing critical care and a loving environment. As I have become more involved with the organization and joined the board, I came to recognize how often people with mental illness are forgotten and how appreciative they are when someone is willing to listen and lend a hand. What they don’t appreciate is how they have also enriched my life

Jim Weil
Jim WeilBoard Member

I was inspired by the enormous need that we discovered from the many frustrating years of trying to find help for our son living with mental illness. Out of that nightmare, I was moved to create Pathways – a place where our son could receive care, grow, and find a home.