The Fellowship Club, Pathways’ Day Program, connects our clients with the world around them through a variety of programs designed to build confidence and competencies, connections and engagement. The Fellowship Club incorporates client involvement in day-to-day management, from food preparation and meal planning to programming. The calendar to the right illustrates the breadth of activities through which together we work to reclaim a future with possibilities for all our clients.

Every client is recognized for the unique individual that they are and as such activities are tailored to the individual as possible. Volunteers are integrated within the program as needed to expand the breadth of programming we can offer. One-on-one support, the most productive and meaningful strategy, would be limited without a volunteer team. (See Volunteering for more info.)

Engagement in the world is a top wish for most of our population and Pathways Fellowship Club supports this through a Community Connections Program as well as in-house Mail Service Pogram. We also advocate for continuing education, both skill-based and interest-based.


Considered a ‘social cooperative’ (based on the Fountain House model in NYC), our Mail Service employs roughly 15 clients who market their business to the community, participate with staff members in finding new contracts, and execute the mailing job including delivery to the post office. They also file monthly reports documenting the status of the operation. For more information or if you have a bulk mailing job we might handle, please contact Marie Michel at (203) 869-0378.

Mail Services Brochure



Pathways knows that meaningful work and participation in the community are essential to living a joyful, meaningful life.  Although our clients have remarkable challenges, with some support and guidance, they can still contribute to the community. In addition, through the Community Connections Program, client’s are encouraged and aided to take part of community activities, such as attending faith service of their choice.

The Community Connections Program helps our client achieve their goals of being employed, allows them to use their talents and connects them with the community around them.   

In addition, recognizing that engagement occurs every time we interact with the world around us, the Fellowship Club sponsors regular field trips to local museums, parks, libraries, and ball parks. Fairfield County has a wealth of options including the Blue Fish in Bridgeport, the Maritime Center in Norwalk, Green Audubon, Tod’s Point, and Bruce Museum among many others. Our central location in Cos Cob enables most of our clients to access the parks, library and shops nearby.

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