Case Management and Outreach

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The Case Management and Outreach Program provides a variety of services to mentally ill adults who live independently or with family in the Greenwich/Stamford area. Services are flexible and individualized according to each client's needs and personal goals. Clients may receive assistance in one or several of the following areas:

  • Accessing financial assistance from government programs (e.g. Social Security Disability, SSI, State Aid to the Disabled, Medicaid, CONNPACE, Food Stamps, etc.)
  • Securing and maintaining safe, affordable and permanent housing
  • Referral and care coordination with collateral services (e.g. home care, transportation, day programs, vocational education)
  • Supportive counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Training and assistance with activities of daily living (e.g. housekeeping, cooking, budgeting, grocery shopping)
  • Accessing adequate medical and psychiatric care

The Case Management and Outreach Program can help individuals who are coping with mental illness achieve and maintain maximum independence and a positive quality of life. For more information or to make a referral, call 203-869-5656.


Mental Health Waiver

Pathways is pleased to announce they are now a member of the State of CT mental health waiver program serving as a provider for their Community Support Program (CSP).

  • The mental health waiver program operated by the Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services (DMHAS) and the Department of Social Services (DSS) for Medicaid individuals with serious mental illness who either live in a nursing home or are at risk of institutional placement.

  • The mental health waiver program permits Connecticut to provide a comprehensive array of home and community-based services that enable individuals to live safely in the community. Individualized recovery plans developed with each person include rehabilitative or support services, the Community Support Program, Peer Support, Transitional Case Management, Supported Employment, Recovery Assistant, Non-Medical Transportation and specialized medical equipment.

For more information about the the mental health waiver program and how to sign up or refer a client call 203-869-5656.


Pathways manages four residents, housing a total of 38 clients, with varying levels of support as indicated to the right. Supportive communities within which our clients live, including day programs through our Fellowship Club, Case Management and Wellness programs, describes the remarkable breadth of Pathways services. We believe this comprehensive care can be credited with across-the-board improvement in our clients' well-being after arriving at Pathways, as evidenced in dramatic drops in crises and hospitalizations.


Davis - Transitional

davis hill

Brookside - Most Independent


Milbank - Transitional


East Putnam - Independent

East Putnam

Wellness Program

Jim – lost 120 pounds

Jim – lost 120 pounds

Joanne – lost 140 pounds

Joanne – lost 140 pounds

At Pathways, we recognize that our clients have the right to lead the healthiest and most independent lives possible. We have created our Health and Wellness Program to promote physical wellness, which will lead to improved mental health.

We educate clients about proper diet and provide healthy food options in our facilities. We encourage outdoor activities and physical exercise. We act as a liaison between the client and community resources.

At left, two beaming clients personify the success of our program.

  • Wellness Brochure
    Wellness Brochure
  • Junk Free Food Zones Pledge-3
    Junk Free Food Zones Pledge
  • 30 Ways to Stretch
    30 Ways to Stretch

Day Program

The Fellowship Club, Pathways’ Day Program, connects our clients with the world around them through a variety of programs designed to build confidence and competencies, connections and engagement. The Fellowship Club incorporates client involvement in day-to-day management, from food preparation and meal planning to programming. The calendar to the right illustrates the breadth of activities through which together we work to reclaim a future with possibilities for all our clients.

Every client is recognized for the unique individual that they are and as such activities are tailored to the individual as possible. Volunteers are integrated within the program as needed to expand the breadth of programming we can offer. One-on-one support, the most productive and meaningful strategy, would be limited without a volunteer team. (See Volunteering for more info.)

Engagement in the world is a top wish for most of our population and Pathways Fellowship Club supports this through an Employment Program as well as in-house Mail Service. We also advocate for continuing education, both skill-based and interest-based.

  • Mail Services Brochure
    mail services brochure 12-11-2012


    Considered a ‘social cooperative’ (based on the Fountain House model in NYC), our Mail Service employs roughly 15 clients who market their business to the community, participate with staff members in finding new contracts, and execute the mailing job including delivery to the post office. They also file monthly reports documenting the status of the operation. For more information or if you have a bulk mailing job we might handle, please contact Marie Michel at (203) 869-0378.


    Pathways Fellowship Club partners with Ability Beyond Disability which provides a counselor two days a week for consultation and referral. In addition the counselor assists clients with resume preparation, interview skills and job searches.


    Through our Happiness Project, the Fellowship Club identifies and profiles each client’s education background and aspirations. From these profiles, we tailor programming, whether of a group or individual nature, to foster engagement through the activities each client most enjoys.

    Education is also encouraged on a more formal level through community colleges, continuing education programs, volunteer tutors, and a variety of in-house programs including music, wellness, yoga, drama, writing, tech training and art.

    Recognizing that education and engagement occurs every time we interact with the world around us, the Fellowship Club sponsors regular field trips to local museums, parks, libraries, and ball parks. Fairfield County has a wealth of options including the Blue Fish in Bridgeport, the Maritime Center in Norwalk, Green Audubon, Tod’s Point, and Bruce Museum among many others. Our central location in Cos Cob enables most of our clients to access the parks, library and shops nearby.


Support Groups

Family and Friends Support Group

Every 4th Wednesday of the Month from 7:00 PM-8:30 PM

The Community Room at 50 Brookside Drive in Greenwich, CT

We are not your 'every day' support group. Our co-faciitators are a father-daughter team who share their experiences in the mental health system from both sides. She's been in the shoes of the consumer and he's been in the shoes of the supporter. Together, they are able to offer a complex perspective on issues many of us face.

Through our facilitated meetings and discussions, we aim to support one another, learn from one another, share our challenges and successes with one another, and lean on one another. As friends and family members, we have faced similar circumstances and we can use these commmonalities to gain perspective, insight, and strength.

support group flyer

Peer Support Group

Tuesdays 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

The Community Room at 50 Brookside Drive in Greenwich, CT

Our support group is a place where people who live with mental health issues can talk to other people who get it, in a confidential, judgment free-zone. While many of the the hardships we face can feel isolating, there are others who experience similar phenomena as part of our recovery journeys. This group is a way to connect, build community, and learn from one another.

support group flyer

Mental Health Media

No Letting Go

No Letting Go Movie Poster

Serious childhood mental illness afflicts one in five children (as with adults). The lack of readily accessible information for parents leaves children undiagnosed and under-treated for years. No Letting Go highlights these issues and the toll it takes on our families with the true story of one family's struggle to help their son. Available on Amazon Prime. The Child Guidance Center offers local resources for families in our area who need support with struggling children. For futher information about this film visit them on Facebook.